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This 1 day hands-on digitizing workshop is suited for any skill level and any software brand. Before we dive into the Hands-On experience we will cover the fundamentals that go into creating beautiful embroidery as well as the basic rules for stitch types and explanations to the common terms associated with tools available in every software program. THE THEORY TAUGHT IN THIS CLASS WILL CROSS OVER TO ANY BRAND OF SOFTWARE. The primary objective of this experience is to learn the "old-school" theory for creating beautiful designs. Software brands come and go and there has been incredible advances over the years. But the one thing that hasn't changed in 130 years is the mechanical theory that goes into creating beautiful embroidery designs! If you've ever been to a hands-on software class before you might be skeptical, since often the person who knows the least get the most attention during class, while others are left waiting. Not this time! Two weeks prior to class attendees will download a demo version of the software and some basic tutorials about the tools needed for class. Because everyone will come prepared, laptop loaded with the same demo software and knowing where the tools are, you'll be ready for accelerated learning! Bring laptop with software pre-loaded. Date: Sunday, March 24th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Cost: $79. Please call: 540-786-2289 to register.

Whatever your level of embroidery experience this fun filled Two-Day Hands-On Event will explore endless possibilities and let your creativity flow! Leave your machines at home, we'll do the heavy lifting! Lunch included! Day one includes: Embroideries Greatest Moments (Lecture), Free Standing Lace (Hands-on), Embroidery Basics Essential (Lecture), Monogrammed tote (Hands-on), Terry Cloth Tips (Hands-on) and Making Money with Embroidery (Lecture). Day two includes: Fun Effects Embroidery (Lecture), Mylar Magic (Hands-on), Look at What's Happened to Technology! (Lecture), In-the-Hoop Ornament (Hands-on), Quick Quilting Software Tips (Lecture), In-the-Hoop Mug Rugs (Hands-on) Dates: Friday, March 22nd and Saturday, March 23rd from 10:00am to 4:00pm both days. Cost: $190. Please call: 540-786-2289 to register!

Cost: $ 190.00
Hampton Roads Virginia February 28, 2019 - March 3, 2019 Join us as we celebrate the 30th annual Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival at Hampton Roads Convention Center. The Crazy Cousin has expanded it's booth! Stop in and visit us! Tickets are available for pre-purchase at the shop. Cash or checks only please!

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